Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Grand Finale: My Review Of My First Year

Wow my first year is over. That was fast and I feel like I’ve added 10 terabytes of brain capacity in the process. The worst thing about it is that sounds like a joke but I’m being serious. This year was a seriously steep learning curve up an unforgiving hill. However I’m here, through all the metaphorical cuts, bruises and aches I made it.  
The tired warrior finds the light.

Don’t get the wrong impression though I make this course sound terribly dull and painful when actually it was quite fun. I’m not going to sugar coat it though, to any first years getting ready to join this course who may read my blog, Video Game Art Design IS NOT a Game, it is the painstaking professionalism that delivers the quality of games of today.

Now that I have flexed my proverbial war wounds I can talk about the good times I’ve had on this course. When I first got here I remember feeling anxious yet composed. All these new faces and tutors struggling to remember everyone’s names but at the same time giving you good direction. It’s not the same as school or college where they guide you throughout the path it’s more like they point you north and say if you keep going you will make it to the light. What they don’t tell you is that the road curves a little to the left and the nearest rest stop is five miles in the opposite direction. But why would they you only asked which way is to get home you didn’t think to ask where is the nearest rest stop at the time. That teaches you a lesson because the next time you venture out you are aware of some of the pit falls you will come across and things that your body needs like food and rest.
                                                   The path to success is a spaghetti junction

I’m being very metaphorical but that how I am as a person. To me everyone’s perception of a situation is different but when you explain it with visual representations I find it creates a better understanding of what one is trying to communicate.

Anyway what I’m trying to say is that on this course you are given your objective and a deadline to complete it. If you are unorganised you won’t take into account things like sleep, food, relaxation anything that eats into the 24hours given each day. As a result you can get the feeling that you haven’t got enough time to do what you need to do when actually you did you just didn’t share the hours out properly. I’m not saying that like I’m a fantastic time keeper, I myself have had many sleepless nights to return to the labs looking like shit. But that doesn’t meant I don’t understand the importance of being organised and I don’t try to keep a better hold on my time management; It’s just that particular party looked a bit too much fun to be stuck at home working.
                                                               Who's a hard-core raver?!

I’m not going to lie being a student is far more difficult than the 9 to 5 on campus. I had to cope with all the distractions the sexual attractions the monetary worries, all of that stuff and still aim for a half decent grade this year. To someone who hasn’t been to uni yet they are probably thinking “oh c’mon it’s not that bad I’ll be able to do it easy.” That’s what I said before I got here... oops. To someone who has finished uni long ago and now has a full time job with a girlfriend, fiancĂ© or wife and maybe some kids will be like “Yeah boy wait ‘til you get to the real man’s world.” At which point I look to the sky and imagine my older cynical self; with a beard.
                                                                    what you say boy ?!

 All jokes aside this has been an interesting year. I have learnt a lot especially in 3d and I think that goes for the majority of my peers. It’s primarily because a lot of the class hasn’t had any previous 3d experience. I’m growing to like 3Ds Max but when I first got here I hated it as it is not the most friendly of software to get to grips with.  For visual design it has been fun to go out and about across Leicester to see the beautiful places like Abbey Park and Bradgate Park to take in some of the sites. I liked the design briefs the most as that’s what I enjoy doing. I come from a design background so I like concepting and refining an idea all the way to production. I also liked critical studies though some of the topics struck me as weird at first. But when I began to research and formulate my own opinion I think it gives you a deeper understanding into the mechanics of a game and all of the layers that one does not notice at first glance.
                                                               The mind in deep thought.

Anyway that’s my final captain’s log for this year. I’m off to patrol the neutral zone for a while.

Catch ya’ later.