Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Simple Introduction

Welcome to my little corner of the cosmos. My name is Naim Simeon and I’m a first year student studying Game Art Design at De Montfort University. It has been an interesting few weeks since arrival but I’m managing to balance work and play fairly well. I use my initials NS in my blog name to create the word NSane. This is because I, along with my design work, can be a little crazy at times and I want a name that defines me and my work.

I’m from a small town called Harpenden, which is in Hertfordshire. There I attended Oakland’s college studying Graphic Design. I like graphic design because there’s something clean an efficient about it. Creating interesting pieces of work using colour, typography and layout is something I enjoy still. Just because I want to be a concept artist doesn’t mean I waste the other talents I’ve learned, especially if I can get paid for it *big smile*.

Moving to Leicester wasn’t really a big deal for me but I was definitely excited to be going off to university. Once I arrived I quickly orientated myself with Leicester and attended various fresher’s events. I’m an outgoing person so I like to go clubbing, not only to enjoy myself, but because it’s a place where the creativity of music, fashion and design meet seamlessly.

This brings me to why I chose this course. I have always liked creativity, I like being involved in it and I like viewing others work.  I especially like the creativity within the games industry. The concepts that one can come up with are limited only by their imagination, which allows for some unique, bizarre and downright gorgeous looking games. Games can have some fantastic design and when coupled with artistic wonder the end result is magnificent. I want to be a part of that magnificence and this course seems to be the one to help me reach my aspirations.  By the end of this year I want to be closer to my target of concept artist, with hopefully a first. With those skills I will hopefully end up in my dream job as an art director at a games company like Rockstar.  

Enough about games though you’d think that’s all I think about. Outside of games I like to play multiple sports as well as create music. I also do graphic design work and occasionally some video production. My skills in these fields aren’t as refined as my ability to draw but I still enjoy the recreational aspect, it helps me unwind. I also listen to an eclectic range of music be it Jazz or Dubstep I like a little bit of everything.

So that’s me more or less summed up in a few words. Now all I can think about is the future, the three year veteran version of my noobish self. I cannot tell you what he’s like, but I know that I have to conquer the next three years of stress, late nights and hollering with a first degree. No biggie right?

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